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Built on Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, and the Power Platform, our integration platform provides local councils with a seamless connection between their current IT systems and their respective state Planning Portals, automating data transfer with ease.

Our Solutions

A user-friendly platform designed to simplify planning and development projects for Councils and State Agencies.

Empowering government entities to effectively connect and collaborate, optimise processes, enhance transparency, and deliver efficient public services. Harnessing technology, local government organisations can streamline operations, adapt, and innovate to meet community needs with confidence.
Effortlessly manage and track your planning applications with our cutting-edge Application Portal Tracker. Exhibit planning applications on your council website allowing citizens to view key information, make submissions and subscribe to updates.

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Case Study

Streamlining Council Operations

Cowra Shire Council

Cowra Shire Council had been facing challenges in its planning processes, particularly in handling applications and managing documents efficiently. 

By addressing the challenges related to application handling and document management, we delivered an efficient and effective solution. The streamlined processes, enhanced document tracking, and successful system integration have greatly improved Council’s operations, leading to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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