Application Portal Tracker

Effortlessly manage and track your Development Applications with our cutting-edge Application Portal Tracker. Exhibit planning applications on your council website allowing citizens to view key information, make submissions and subscribe to updates.

Navigate Development Applications with Speed and Ease

Streamline the exhibition of planning applications with ease using our advanced Application Portal Tracker. Empower citizens, optimise processes, and ensure transparency from submission to approval. With real-time updates and intuitive interfaces, revolutionise your application journey for efficiency and compliance. Simplify tracking and unlock productivity with our cutting-edge solution.

At, we recognise the transformative role of digital technologies in improving public services, particularly in application planning processes. Our Application Portal Tracker bridges the communication gap, enhancing transparency, responsiveness, and efficiency while delivering better outcomes.

Key Benefits of the Application Portal Tracker

Council-Centric Approach’s solutions, including the Application Tracker, are developed by industry experts with extensive council experience. With a collective 45 years of insider knowledge, our tools are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of councils, offering unparalleled insight and usability.

Streamlined Processes

The Application Portal Tracker streamlines government processes, reducing wait times and eliminating manual paperwork. Citizens can conveniently view all information associated with an application, make a submission, download documents, track and subscribe to progress updates

Real-Time Data Integration

The Application Tracker seamlessly integrates with council property and rating systems, as well as the NSW Planning Portal, providing automatic, real-time updates for planning applications. This eliminates the risk of human error and enhances operational efficiency.

Enhanced Citizen Satisfaction

By offering digital channels for communication and interaction, the Application Portal Tracker increases citizen satisfaction. Citizens can easily navigate the application process, access information, and receive updates, creating a seamless and efficient experience.

Empowered Collaboration

The Application Portal Tracker fosters collaboration between citizens and government organisations. It provides a platform for stakeholders to exchange information, ask questions, and provide feedback, enabling government organisations to better understand citizen needs and improve service delivery.

Improved Efficiency and Transparency

By automating the exhibition of planning applications and updates, the Application Tracker significantly improves administrative efficiency. It also promotes transparency and accountability by making planning data easily accessible to the public.

Efficient Resource Utilisation

With the Application Portal Tracker, government entities can optimise resource allocation. Applications are automatically updated from events that occur in councils Property and Rating systems, and the state planning portal. Freeing up valuable time and resources that can be redirected towards more critical initiatives.

Aligned to state planning exhibition regulations

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VIC – coming soon

QLD – coming soon

Unlock the power of connectivity with the Application Portal Tracker from Join us in transforming the Application process, enhancing citizen engagement, and delivering efficient and transparent government services. Together, we can build a future where citizen-government collaboration thrives, fostering trust, satisfaction, and mutual success.


  • Seamless integration with popular Council ERP systems, including TechnologyOne, Ci, CiA, Civica Authority 7, Infor Pathway, and Dynamics 365
  • Built on the Microsoft Power Platform
  • Admin interface for council staff to view submissions
  • Aligns to state exhibition planning regulations
  • Ability to follow the progress of applications, ensuring you stay informed throughout the entire process
  • Access and view specific documents related to applications, providing comprehensive information at your fingertips
  • Dynamic email workflows that automate communication and notifications, enhancing efficiency
  • Continuous updates to match Planning Portal and ERP vendor API changes
  • Supports enterprise records management systems including Techone ECMS, Content Manager 9/10, and Objective DMS, SharePoint Online.