Revolutionising Local Government Planning

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How the App Tracker Tackles Councils' Challenges with Aging tech Systems

The world of local government planning is complex, intricate, and ripe for technological innovation. At the forefront of this transformation is the digital age’s next significant leap in managing planning applications: the App Tracker. An innovative platform, it’s built to mitigate the common challenges that councils face with older, less dynamic application tracking systems while seamlessly complying with NSW government exhibition legislation requirements. Here’s a detailed look at how the App Tracker offers the much-needed solution to age-old issues.

The Challenge with Aging App Trackers

The local government sector has traditionally relied on older application tracking systems to manage planning applications. These systems, often outdated and cumbersome, have served their purpose in the past. However, as the digital era dawns and demands for efficiency, transparency, and agility grow, these systems are showing their age and lack of adaptability.


One of the main challenges with older tracking systems is their inability to keep up with the ever-evolving legislative landscape. A specific area of concern is meeting the guidelines outlined by the  each state government’s exhibition and community participation plans, like the NSW Participation plan. The existing systems often struggle to integrate smoothly with these legislative requirements, causing an increased administrative burden and potential compliance issues. Furthermore, additional systems or processes are required that don’t fit within a councils application tracker such as making submissions against a development application. Councils usually accept these via email which then creates another entry point and silo for this data.


Moreover, these legacy systems are often difficult to customise, requiring web development skills and extensive resources for even the smallest updates. As a result, councils struggle to deliver responsive user interfaces that cater to the growing use of mobile devices.

How App Tracker Offers a Solution

Enter the App Tracker, a pioneering platform designed to modernise local government planning applications. This innovative solution meets all state and territories government’s exhibition legislation requirements, thereby simplifying the planning application process and minimising potential compliance risks.

Enhanced Compliance

App Tracker’s key selling point is its alignment to legislative requirements into its functionality. It’s engineered to align with the government exhibition legislation, ensuring that all processes adhere to the latest guidelines and requirements.

With App Tracker, councils can confidently navigate the planning application process, knowing that all procedures are compliant with relevant legislation. The automation of these compliance aspects not only minimises the risk of human error but also reduces the administrative burden significantly.

Easy Customisation

The App Tracker solution has been designed with adaptability and responsiveness at its core. Unlike legacy systems, which can be rigid and challenging to update, App Tracker allows easy customisation. Whether you need to make changes to reflect new legislative updates or simply to improve user experience, the platform facilitates swift modifications with minimal technical expertise required.

Furthermore, the system offers a mobile-responsive user interface, ensuring the platform is easily accessible on all devices. This aspect is crucial in today’s digital-first environment, where users expect easy and convenient access to information, irrespective of the device they use.

Streamlined Operations

One of the main advantages of App Tracker is its ability to streamline operations. It’s built with advanced features and automation tools, allowing councils to manage planning applications more efficiently and accurately.

In addition, the platform provides API connectors to major council systems, records management systems, and state government planning portals. This plug-and-play model simplifies integration, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing potential errors. 

In a landscape that demands transparency, efficiency, and legislative compliance, the App Tracker provides a comprehensive solution to the problems faced by councils using ageing tracking systems. With its focus on legislative compliance, easy customisation, and operational streamlining, the App Tracker is set to revolutionise local government planning, reflecting the agility and adaptability required in the digital age. It’s not just about keeping up with the times, but leading the way into a new era of local government planning.