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Our unwavering mission is to harness the potential of technology and deliver outcomes that are not only faster, but also cost-effective and highly efficient, all while reducing waste and complexity.

Built on Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, and the Power Platform, our integration service provides local councils and State Agencies with a seamless connection between their current IT systems and their respective state Planning Portals, automating data transfer with ease.

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Our Team

Natalie Pervan

Local Government Practice Lead

Edward Davison

Product Lead

James Diekman

Business Development

Adam Gatt

Azure Developer / Integration Specialist

Peter Madirazza

Senior Consultant

George Demertzis

Associate Consultant

Safwan Karim

Lead Developer

Case Study

Automating NSW Planning Portal Applications

Shellharbour City Council

Prior to leveraging the ePlanning.io platform, council planners had to manually copy and paste planning applications from the NSW Planning Portal to their local Technology property & rating system, including documents. Each time an application was updated required the team to make the necessary changes in both systems. ePlanning.io automated the entire process by automatically creating planning applications for council planners and sending updates back to the NSW Planning Portal automatically.