Seamless Adaption: NSW Planning Portal APIs May Release now available in

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Change is an essential part of the technological landscape, and at, we embrace this as an opportunity for continuous improvement. We’re committed to regularly updating our platform in line with the Department of Planning and Environment’s enhancements and fixes to the ePlanning Digital Services on the NSW Planning Portal. This month, we’re excited to integrate the latest array of enhancements and updates to our platform.

1. Online DA Service APIs

The update to the Online DA Service APIs that resolves the issue with preliminary assessments has been seamlessly integrated into our platform. This enhances the overall functionality and user experience of, enabling users to perform preliminary assessments smoothly.

2. Certificate Registration APIs

With the introduction of the “RegistrationAuthority” field to the Certificate Registration APIs, now facilitates certifiers to route the CR applications more efficiently. This update streamlines the process and improves overall operational efficiency.

3. Online Post-consent Certificate Service APIs

We’ve incorporated the enhancements to the Post-consent Certificate Service APIs into The new feature determining the Certifier Category and changes capturing additional certifier details and document file size attributes allow us to provide users with more detailed information about their uploaded files.

4. Online CDC Service APIs

We’ve updated to identify if a certifier belongs to a Council, an Individual registered certifier, or a Registered body corporate, mirroring the updates made to the Online CDC Service APIs. This integration improves the user experience by making the system more intuitive.

5. Online 10.7 Planning Certificate APIs, Building Information Certificate APIs, and Online Section 68 Planning Certificate APIs

In line with our commitment to consistency and transparency, we’ve integrated the document file size attribute across these APIs on our platform. This provides users with critical information about the size of their uploaded files, improving transparency and user experience.

6. Common APIs

Significant enhancements have been made to our Common APIs in accordance with the updates to the ePlanning portal’s Conditions of Consent feature. We have incorporated several new API endpoints, such as Outbound Conditions of Consent, Inbound Conditions of Consent, AllConsentConditions, CouncilLibrary, ConsentConditions, GenerateNOD, and SanitizeData. Note that standard conditions of consent is still being deployed by DPIE.

These updates demonstrate’s commitment to providing the latest advancements in the digital planning landscape at no additional cost to our subscribers. As we automatically integrate these enhancements monthly, our users can always access the most up-to-date and effective planning application management tools.

As we stride towards a more efficient, streamlined, and user-friendly digital planning environment, feel free to reach us at for any queries about the recent updates.