Local Government Integration

Empowering government entities to effectively connect and collaborate, optimise processes, enhance transparency, and deliver efficient public services.

Seamless Solutions:
Empowering Local Government Integration for Enhanced Citizen Services

We recognise the critical role of digital technologies in enhancing the end-to-end experience of public services, particularly for local government entities. Staying ahead of the curve is vital to meet citizens’ expectations and deliver efficient services. That’s why we have developed a transformative solution that bridges the communication gap between government organisations and citizens.

Our user-friendly platform enables citizens to engage with their local government through their preferred channels, revolutionising the way public services are accessed and experienced. By leveraging the latest technology, processes are streamlined, costs are reduced, and efficiency is increased, ultimately delivering better outcomes.

Key Benefits of ePlanning.io for local government

Increased Citizen Engagement

Foster stronger connections with citizens by providing convenient and accessible channels for communication. Gain deeper insights into citizen needs and preferences, leading to improved outcomes and tailored services.

Council-Centric Approach

Developed by industry experts with extensive experience in council roles, ePlanning.io’s solutions, including the Application Tracker, are tailor-made to meet the unique needs of councils. With a deep understanding of council operations, our tools offer unmatched insight and usability.

Real-Time Data Integration

The Application Tracker seamlessly integrates with council property and rating systems, as well as the NSW Planning Portal, providing automatic and real-time updates for planning applications. This eliminates the risk of human error and enhances operational efficiency.

Enhanced Service Delivery

Streamline government processes and reduce wait times, ensuring that citizens have timely access to the services they need. Improve transparency, responsiveness, and trust by leveraging our platform’s features and capabilities.

Innovative Problem-Solving

Embrace a proactive approach to address complex policy challenges. Our platform empowers local government organisations to discover innovative solutions, harnessing the collective wisdom of stakeholders and driving positive change.

Collaborative Partnerships

Foster collaboration with external partners to develop novel delivery models and co-create innovative solutions. By leveraging the power of collaboration, local government entities can unlock new possibilities and achieve greater impact.

Improved Efficiency and Transparency

By automating the exhibition of planning applications and updates, the ePlanning.io Application Tracker significantly enhances administrative efficiency. It also promotes transparency and accountability by making planning data readily accessible to the public.

Revenue Generation Opportunities

Explore avenues to commercialise certain public services, generating new revenue streams for local government entities. Our platform enables you to tap into innovative business models and optimise the value of public services.

Unlock the power of connectivity and join us in revolutionising the way local governments engage with their communities, streamline processes, and deliver exceptional public services. Together, we can create a future where citizens and local governments thrive in seamless collaboration and mutual success.


  • Seamless integration with popular Council ERP systems, including TechnologyOne, Ci, CiA, Civica Authority 7, Infor Pathway, and Dynamics 365
  • Custom connectors for designing workflows using Microsoft Power Automate Flow Builder
  • Multi-region Azure failover for maximum uptime and reliability
  • Custom reporting capabilities with Power BI integration
  • Continuous updates to match Planning Portal and ERP vendor API changes
  • Supports enterprise records management systems including Techone ECMS, Content Manager 9/10, and Objective DMS, SharePoint Online.