Alignment to NSW Government Policy


How addresses the requirement

Planning authorities should involve the community in various planning functions. facilitates community participation by providing a platform for public input into the planning process.

Preparation of community participation plans. aids in the formulation and execution of community participation plans, providing a transparent way to incorporate community input.

Publication of community participation plans. enables councils to publish and share their community participation plans online, promoting transparency and ease of access.

Notification of modification applications.

The platform streamlines the process of notifying the public of modification applications, aiding in community engagement and participation.

Public notice of granted consents or certificates. automatically publishes notices of granted consents or certificates, ensuring public visibility and reducing administrative burdens.

Case Study

Streamlining Council Operations

Cowra Shire Council

Cowra Shire Council had been facing challenges in its planning processes, particularly in handling applications and managing documents efficiently. 

By addressing the challenges related to application handling and document management, we delivered an efficient and effective solution. The streamlined processes, enhanced document tracking, and successful system integration have greatly improved Council’s operations, leading to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.