We recognise the critical role of digital technologies in enhancing the end-to-end experience of public services, particularly for local government entities. Staying ahead of the curve is vital to meet citizens’ expectations and deliver efficient services.

How Works is a suite of SaaS applications and integrations designed to streamline planning and development projects for Councils, and State Agencies.

Simplify and streamline the entire process, from acceptance and lodgement to finalisation, with secure connectivity to the NSW planning portal.

Empowering government entities to effectively connect and collaborate, optimise processes, enhance transparency, and deliver efficient public services. Harnessing technology, local government organisations can streamline operations, adapt, and innovate to meet community needs with confidence.
Effortlessly manage and track your planning applications with our cutting-edge Application Portal Tracker. Exhibit planning applications on your council website allowing citizens to view key information, make submissions and subscribe to updates.

Unlocking Value: Key Benefits of

With, you gain access to an array of key benefits that encompass enhanced efficiency, improved accuracy, effortless updates, and customisable solutions.


Experience significant time and resource savings by automating the transfer of data between your council systems and the Planning Portal. With minimal manual intervention required, you can streamline your planning application process and allocate your valuable resources more efficiently.


Reduce human errors and the associated overheads of manual data handling. By automating data transfer, ensures a higher level of accuracy in your planning applications, reducing the risk of errors and the need for manual corrections.


Stay up to date with the latest API changes and advancements without the need to employ a dedicated team of developers. provides continuous updates and reliable support, ensuring your integration remains up-to-date, compliant, and seamlessly connected to the Planning Portal.


Leverage the power of Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform for custom workflows and processes aligned to your specific requirements. empowers you to create custom workflows, automate tasks, and optimise your planning application procedures to align perfectly with your unique needs and preferences.

Experience the advantages of our innovative platform and transform the way you handle planning applications, enabling smoother processes, better outcomes, and a more streamlined approach.

Bridging the gap between IT systems and the NSW Planning Portal

We proudly collaborate with local, state, and federal government organisations to facilitate their technology and business transformation journeys.

For Councils

Achieve seamless integration between your IT systems and the NSW Planning portal using the gateway. Leverage low-code technologies like Microsoft Power Automate to extend and customise workflows. Experience a streamlined and efficient process, empowering you to optimise operations and maximise productivity.
Unlock the potential of connectivity and automation with

For State Agencies

Automate the transfer of planning referral applications and associated data between the NSW planning portal and state agency IT systems effortlessly. Empower your team to customise and enhance workflows using low-code technologies like Microsoft Power Automate. Streamline processes, improve collaboration, and optimise efficiency with seamless integration.
Enhance productivity and streamline processes through the power of automation and connectivity with


At, we bring together deep industry expertise and advanced technology to deliver a product designed by councils, for councils. Here’s why we stand apart:

In-depth Expertise: Our team comprises former council staff who understand the nuances and challenges of planning and development applications. This inside knowledge enables us to create solutions tailored to the specific needs of councils.

Advanced Technology: was built from scratch on Microsoft Azure to cater for the complexities of the NSW Planning Portal integration and council property & rating systems. We don’t use low-code platforms that require additional licenses and on-site appliances – our solution is 100% cloud-hosted, connecting seamlessly to on-premises instances of TechOne Ci.

Agile and Efficient: We operate using an agile development methodology, allowing us to continually configure, adapt, and release process mappings of events and attributes between the NSW Planning Portal and council systems. This approach enables us to respond quickly to changes.

End-to-End Support: We offer comprehensive support, from initial setup to ongoing maintenance. Our team trains council admins on using the Application Tracker, provides ongoing support, maintains all API updates, and facilitates UAT and Go Live activities.

Innovation and Automation: Our mission is to continually introduce council software solutions into, enabling councils to automate and integrate processes without the management overhead.

Proven Success: We’re a Microsoft Solution Designated Partner in Azure and a Low Code Advanced Specialised Partner. Over 20 councils already rely on our solution to minimise integration challenges. 

As an Australian-owned and operated Microsoft specialist in business applications and Azure partner, with a presence in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Tamworth and Byron Bay, we proudly collaborate with local, state, and federal government organisations to facilitate their technology and business transformation journeys. Our expertise are positioned in bridging the gap between existing IT systems and the NSW Planning Portal, automating data transfer with utmost ease and precision. 

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Case Study

Streamlining Council Operations

Cowra Shire Council

Cowra Shire Council had been facing challenges in its planning processes, particularly in handling applications and managing documents efficiently. 

By addressing the challenges related to application handling and document management, we delivered an efficient and effective solution. The streamlined processes, enhanced document tracking, and successful system integration have greatly improved Council’s operations, leading to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.