Streamlining Council Operations

Customer Case Study: Cowra Shire Council

Cowra Shire Council had been facing challenges in its planning processes, particularly in handling applications and managing documents efficiently. Seeking a solution, the council engaged with the Accelerate Team to implement a new Planning Portal Integration System.

The collaboration between Cowra Shire Council and Accelerate resulted in the successful implementation of the Planning Portal Integration System. By addressing the challenges related to application handling and document management, Accelerate delivered an efficient and effective solution. The streamlined processes, enhanced document tracking, and successful system integration have greatly improved Council’s operations, leading to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.


  • Inefficient Application Handling: The council experienced significant double handling of applications, which resulted in delays and increased administrative burden.
  • Document Management Complexity: The council struggled with capturing and logging all documents related to planning applications, leading to a lack of confidence in their document management system.
  • Integration Difficulties: Integrating Council’s systems with the NSW Planning Portal posed technical challenges and required seamless coordination between different platforms.


  • Streamlined Application Process: Accelerate implemented the Planning Portal Integration System, which successfully streamlined Council’s operating systems. The new system minimised double handling of applications and streamlined the submission of documentation into both Council’s systems and the NSW Planning Portal. This resulted in faster processing times and improved efficiency.
  • Enhanced Document Management: The integration system implemented by Accelerate captured all documents loaded into the NSW Planning Portal by applicants and documents created by Council. By integrating these documents with Council’s document management system, the council gained confidence that all relevant documents were logged and easily accessible. This streamlined document management and improved the overall record-keeping process.
  • Successful System Integration: Accelerate demonstrated their technical expertise by seamlessly integrating Council’s existing systems with the NSW Planning Portal. Their team collaborated closely with Council to ensure a smooth transition and effective operation of the new system. This integration eliminated data silos, reducing manual data entry and enabling efficient data exchange between different platforms.

Built on Microsoft Azure


Increased Efficiency: The implementation of the Planning Portal Integration System significantly reduced administrative tasks and streamlined the application process.
Enhanced Document Tracking: Council now has a robust document management system that captures and logs all planning-related documents.
Cost and Time Savings: By eliminating redundant tasks and automating processes, the integration system delivered cost and time savings for the council.
Improved Collaboration: The seamless integration between Council’s systems and the NSW Planning Portal improved collaboration between stakeholders.